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We offer some of the most cost-effective, feature rich telephone systems available for small business. These include Talkswitch, Allworx Small Business Phone System and IP PBX systems, as well as old-fashioned analog/hybrid systems. Come to us for all your SOHO (small office | home office) and small PBX needs. We are a Talkswitch Platinum Dealer, their highest rating. Call 1‑866‑573‑0715. M‑F 9AM‑-5:00PM Pacific.

We stock our products, we do not rely on shipments from Canada for Talkswitch products like many other vendors do. Shipments from Canada have to pass through customs, and sometimes are delayed. Talkswitch small business PBX systems have won numerous awards for the design and ease of use. Our Bizfon systems are equally easy to use. Unlike many PBX systems, Talkswitch systems are configurable via a very easy to use Windows program through either a direct connection, or over your local area network. Bizfon systems are generally configured via attached phones. Read through our site to understand the functionality and awesome power of the Talkswitch and Bizfon!

The Talkswitch and Bizfon systems are perfect for SOHO applications. Talkswitch has smaller systems, and are typically more affordable for a home office environment. Talkswitch systems can also be extended via voice over IP (VOIP) for multiple office configurations. Competing products either cost far more than the Bizfon and Talkswitch, or, take a highly paid expert or consultant to configure. When you want to make changes, you have to hire them again. Not so with our small PBX systems!

There are several models of the Talkswitch. The model numbers tell you how many connections a given Talkswitch model supports. The first digit of the Talkswitch model is the number of incoming phone lines supported, the second digit of the Talkswitch model number is the number of extensions, and the third digit of the Talkswitch model is the number of VOIP trunk lines, inter-branch lines, or external IP extensions supported. Current Talkswitch models are the Talkswitch 240VS, 244VS, 248VS, 280VS, 284VS, 288VS, 480VS, 484VS, 488VS, 840VS, 844VS, 848VS. Talkswitch models can be expanded by purchasing multiple systems, which then function as 1. Also, the Talkswitch systems can accept add on memory for more voice mail storage. Explore our site to find all of the information you will need to make your decision.

Bizfon systems come with 6 incoming phone line connections, and, 8 local extensions. You can hook 4 Bizfon systems together to yield a system with up to 24 incoming lines, and 32 local extensions. Like the Talkswitch, multiple Bizfon systems hooked together function as one phone system. We recommend using Bizfon phones for a Bizfon system.

We also sell numerous Talkswitch accessories. We have analog and IP phones from Talkswitch and others. The easiest to use phones with the Talkswitch are of course the Talkswitch branded phones, and also the Powertouch phones from Aastra. Unlike other Powertouch phones sold on the internet, ours are programmed to work seamlessly with the Talkswitch and are the menu driven version. These are not the same as the phones others vendors sell! We also carry memory for Talkswitch to add on more voice mail capacity, surge protection for phone lines, network, and AC power, music on hold systems to provide the ultimate in professionalism, VOIP (Voice over IP) to expand your Talkswitch system to a multi-location system, UPS power backup, and long distance and toll free services. There is almost no telecom product we do not have access to!

Many companies sell Talkswitch phone systems, but one key point often overlooked is can the company provide you with help when you have questions or problems? We at SOHO PBX World can. Talkswitch is analog PBX equipment, which is affordable for small offices and businesses, and can work using VOIP if requirements demand, Talkswitch is very flexible. The Talkswitch 284VS, 484VS and other models are hybrid systems, providing PSTN and VOIP trunk lines. If you need advice as to what to purchase, feel free to contact us. We know Talkswitch small business phone systems inside out and can provide expert technical support.

Talkswitch has a HUGE list of features. Features include:

  • Talkswitch VOIP models have integration with other offices and branches, or remote workers via VOIP
  • Talkswitch VOIP models have integration with a number of VoIP service (SIP trunk) providers. This integration allows you to connect with no VOIP adapter! There is a *lot* of power when used in this manner, ask us about it.
  • Automatic hotline calling, have a specific phone dial a numberwhen the handset is picked up. Perfect for door phones for example.
  • System speed dials - You can load up to 100 system speed dial numbers for easy dialing from any extension.
  • Caller ID based routing - based on caller ID info, route calls differently or give priority to certain calls.
  • Caller ID name substitution - Replace the caller-ID name for an incoming call with a name of your choice ("Alpha-tagging").
  • Talkswitch can limit callers ability to dial out via an access code on specified extensions (think of it like security). 911 would not be restricted of course. This is useful for phones in lunch rooms or other public areas.
  • Do a VOIP bandwidth test here, see how your internet connection performs.
  • 36 Voice mailboxes, up to 2 hours of mail. You can also light your voicemail light for multiple mailboxes! Email notication and delivery of voicemail, you point Talkswitch to a mail server. Maximum voicemail message length can be set from 1 to 8 minutes.
  • Multilingual interface provides access to the TalkSwitch software in English, Spanish, or French.
  • Line and queue appearance. With line appearance, you can see what lines your calls are coming in from. With queue appearance, you are able to see the Caller ID info of who's in your Call Waiting queue, allowing you to prioritize important calls that are on hold for you.
  • Talkswitch can accommodate analog or IP local (or remote) extensions. Phones that are auto provisioned include the TalkSwitch TS-9112i, TS-9133i, TS-480i, various Polycom models, and certain Grandstream phones. The Counterpath Eyebeam softphones also work though they are not provisioned, you have to set them up.
  • Automated Attendants (up to 9)
  • Talkswitch voicemail memory can be expanded with extra memory sold separately, add up to 9 hours! This memory is used for voicemail, auto attendants, and, message on hold.
  • Call Back and Call Bridge to connect to your Talkswitch phone system remotely, and, call out even! Using call bridge, the call can appear to originate from the office. Used in a multi branch VOIP configuration, you can dial out of phone lines connected to other Talkswitch systems.
  • Call Cascade so you can direct actions when a phone is busy, not answered, etc.
  • Call Forwarding allows you to receive calls if away from your desk or office
  • Call Hold and Call Transfer - Put callers on hold and/or transfer them to someone else local or remote, some phones are easier to use as they have specific buttons for this.
  • Music on hold (or could be advertising on hold!) via 3.5mm mono input to the Talkswitch, or, using the built in Talkswitch memory.
  • Call other extensions, uses no phone lines unless going to a remote extension or office (via an analog path). With some Talkswitch phones, you can also hands free intercom or page.
  • Pick up calls from any extension
  • Call Park, typically used with PA system or with intercom so someone else can pick up the call.
  • Call Queue so you can manage multiple calls at the same time, use call queue, or, an abbreviated version Talkswitch calls call waiting.
  • Call Accounting allows you to log phone calls for accounting or tracking purposes.
  • Mode Scheduling - Change Talkswitch system options and call routing based on day and time. Holiday Mode with Calendar for special days.
  • Talkswitch Remote extensions act like any other extension, a remote extension is any phone outside your company location, perhaps a home phone, a cell phone. By using IP phones, the external phone is a local extension.
  • Easily install and configure from Windows via included software, or Mac via Parallels or Virtual PC, customer installable. Configure via network, or USB.
  • Outbound call blocking, Toll Restriction - Prevent calls to unwanted destinations such as 900 numbers, long distance, etc.
  • Automatic Route Selection - Cause certain outgoing calls to use a specific phone line or lines, perhaps some of your lines have cheaper rates for certain types of calls.
  • Manage your Talkswitch and change settings from a remote location.
  • Software upgradeable via new releases (download from for free) from time to time with new features
  • Ring Groups to ring multiple phones at the same time.
  • Talkswitch works with phone company distinctive ring feature, each "line" can have different features and routing!
  • Talkswitch has a dial by name feature when using an auto attendant
  • Voice mail notification to pager, cell phone, or email and, separate notification settings for each mode.
  • Talkswitch has conference calling ability
  • Route faxes and share your fax line, save money over a dedicated fax line
  • Compatible with phone company 3 way calling when transferring calls to remote extensions! Also can work with transfer and clear.
  • Call Screening allows you to record the callers name and play it back so you can decide if you want to accept or reject the call
  • Talkswitch has many other features

One the most outstanding and powerful features of Talkswitch small business phone system is the call cascade features. This is pretty unique to Talkswitch, and can be a huge benefit to the small business customer. Call cascade allows you to route calls based on conditions like phone busy, not answered, etc. Many phone systems have such features, but, only one level deep. You can make this much more sophisticated with Talkswitch. For example, maybe you want a option to route a call directly to your sales team, which is you for the most part. You can configure the system to send the call to you, and, if you are already on the phone, instead, send the call to a different extension. If it turns out that extension is busy, maybe you want to play a message telling the customer all sales team members are currently busy on other calls, and queue the call so that when you are off the current call, you can then take their call. Or, maybe you want to route the call to a cell phone if you do not answer your regular phone line. Many small businesses have mobile workers, and this can be a huge advantage of the Talkswitch system. The possibilities are virtually endless with what you can do with call cascade!